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the lovely yet tiny Shai Ni feeding a tiny bunny

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the lovely yet tiny Shai Ni feeding a tiny bunny

Go give this lovely blog a follow!

Shai Ni reacts... The Breezies becoming Shai Nis for a day.

I think I have had too much to drink.

Shai Ni reacts: to becoming a breezie for a day.

*Lands on the head of the nearest pony and lifts her head proudly, ecstatic at finally being ‘taller’ than others*


All the needles are difficult colored pearls, hope that’s all right!  As for the necklace—a simple rose pearl necklace with some silver strains underneath should do the trick!  

Also this is a good reason why I never wear pearls.  I had to change out of all the jewelry! 

Why, thank you so much!  They are perfect.  Your Craftsmareship is of incredible quality, and I shall definitely come back to you the next time I require such services!

Hello, Shai! The annual Tumblr Pony Prom is coming up om the 24th of this month. Would you care to accompany me?

*horn glows slightly from the intensity of her blush* I- wha- er- ah- whu- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?!

Y-yes!  I would be delighted to do so!

Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself, then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers!

Alright, why not?

Shai Ni:

1. Rice Candy.  That is all.
2. If she was human, she’d be 4’10” (“AND ONE QUARTER” - Shai Ni)
3. She came about when her mod was wanting to make an OC for a PbP game about ponies.  She was originally going to be Neighponese, but her mod didn’t wanna make a Kirin, so he switched her to Chineighs and the rest is history.
4. She is straight.  Sorry!
5. The concept of dating is new to her, and she is not exactly sure how to go about it in Equestria.  This tends to lead to amusing (and embarrassing) situations.
6. When speaking Equestrian, she does not use contractions and tends to speak in a proper manner.  When speaking Canterese or Manedarin, she is much more casual and friendly in her speech, and quite happily cracks jokes.
7. She will research a pun until she fully understands all possible reasons it could be funny.  Then she giggles when it finally clicks in her mind.
8. She practices T’ai Chi Ch’uan, which helps her control her own chi/qi/ki and keep her spirit and body balanced and healthy.
9. She doesn’t use pure magic when she uses healing magic, and combines it with chi/qi/ki manipulation.
10. She has developed a guilty pleasure for reading “Saddle buster” romance novels thanks to Pinkie Pie’s helpful reading list when she first inquired about research material for traditional Equestrian romantic and courting practices.


1. I like strawberries.
2. Cats are my preferred fuzzy creature, but I love them all.
3. I’m a business and accounting major, expecting to graduate in the fall of 2014.
4. I’m an Eagle Scout with a Bronze Palm
5. I used to be a huge Touhou Project fan, but now it’s sort of tapered off to mostly being a fan of the music and the lore.
6. I was apprehensive about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic at first, but after watching some of it, I was hooked.
7. I still firmly believe to this day that pink is the manliest color.
8. I’m a flirt, but I’m also incredibly bashful, awkward, and easily embarrassed.
9. The name I go by in most circles now came about because one summer, when I was 16, I worked at a theme park and met two other people with the same given name as me, and we all hung out with a long-time friend of mine who ALSO shared my given name.  It was derived from an OC for StarFox/Lylat Wars (depending on your country) fanfiction.
10. I was on my high school’s dance team in my senior year.

I tag:

I actually do, but I prefer to just calm them down with words and proof of my skill and confidence as a medical practitioner.

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Shai Ni Reacts To: Waking Up To Ponyville In The Canopy Of A HUGE Forest That Grew Over Night

*blinks a few times, then rolls over and pulls the blanket over her head, going back to sleep because Princess Sparkle and her friends will deal with it soon enough.*

How would you go about treating a pony made out of a gas?

… I would probably ask Miss Pinkie Pie for assistance.



B-but it is the most delicious food!  How can you say ‘ewwwwwwww’?!

I… I do not understand.

*world view shattered*